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28 Jun 2019 15:55:01
I know there was a thread about Batman on the movie pages but does anyone watch Gotham?

I feel I shouldn't enjoy it but Batman's villians are probably my favourite out of DC and Marvel. And showing there origins makes a pleasant change then them just being rehashed for every re-boot.
The Bruce Wayne in this has that harry potter vibe about him, one in which he is the main character and the `saviour` but always ends up being the one saved. To the point where you end up liking the supporting cast more.
The show is very well made and has plenty of links to it's source material.
Special mention for the actor who plays the Joker as he has managed to put his own twist on probably the most iconic villian in comic books. To a point where I would love to see them develop it on the big screen, but DC have messed that up with so many variations of the joker.

It's in to the last series, so if anyone needs a binge and is a fan of batman and it's surrounding characters. I'd recommend giving it a watch.




22 May 2019 16:18:01
So our watch is over! Be interested to hear peoples thoughts on the last episode and the series as a whole. Be warned SPOILERS are below!

I again, loved the episode, this was why we watch game of thrones.

The scenes with Tyrion at the beginning were brilliant, not just visually but for the character. There was so little dialogue but because dinklage has built his character so well you understood what was going through his mind.

The battle cry from Dany was the final point on her dissent into madness, although at first I did wonder how they understood her, it was still wonderfully done. And the shot with the dragon behind was again a lovely shot.

Then Tyrion's dialogue with Jon summed up that the power isn't with the king or queen, but those individuals from behind the glamour. I did think his character was long gone after throwing away the pin.

Then the moment, although I kind of wished that was our ep 5 ended as a week of who's dead, would of been fun.

The scene with the new council was cleverly done, bran was a left field option but just glad he was of use in the end. Although, he must be a bit power hungry, he could see all the devastation happen just to let him become king!

Sam's little nod to democracy was one of my favourite lines.

Also anyone that cares about the bottles being seen, 1 how have you noticed them? And 2 sorry that the dragons and the zombies weren't enough of a clue this wasn't real. They had huge costumes on in baking heat and I cared about the story more then a few minor mishaps.

The ending was surprisingly tied up in a little bow, not what I was expecting from GOT. But the more I think about it it works.

As for the series, it was rushed, but I think they intended it to be. If we had a few filler episodes people would complain and you can't please everyone. Overall I've loved game of thrones and look forward to the spin offs.

Edit: apologies written this on my phone so apologies if it doesn't read correctly.

Also, ed001 regarding the sponsors on the right side of the page, is it worth putting the other pages up in the short term to try and drive additional traffic to them? i.e the movie/f1 pages? But like halfway down the boxes so it doesn't discourage future sponsors?


{Ed001's Note - it is not as simple as that to just put up things on the sponsors boxes but yes that is actually not a bad idea, I will speak to Ed033 about it now.}

1.) 23 May 2019 22:00:04
I think the key word is rushed, but I think if people were told after season 3 characters would get these ending then th eh would of probably of been pleased, including the mad queen twist which is something I thought they would do even if it was executed terribly. I think it's was the way we got there and the finer details as oppose to the actual ending that has disappointed people, and I too think it was all little rushed and in general the show went from a complex character and plot to extremely basic and simple and somewhat check listy

None the less the episodes cannot be faulted for production quality, cinematography, music, acting, production value. I do agree complaining about the cups and things seems a strange one to pick up on, especially as they are very hard to spot and not exacly turning up every where. However I don't really agree with the idea that that because there are fictional elements this means it doesn't matter if anything it matters more as a show creates its own reality and if its set in a fantasy world or the past and modern day things kept Turning up it would be distracting I think. However this isn't the case it was one Starbucks cup I couldn't even make out and those waters bottles were half visible behind a chair, don't know how anyone saw those

2.) 27 May 2019 10:07:37
It ended mostly as I expected. Arya went off to do her own thing, she's not the marrying and settling down type. Sansa got what she wanted, Winterfell and Northern independence although I wonder who she'll marry to create the next generation of Starks. Jon went back to where he was happiest. As you say Bran was left field but there wasn't anyone else left. Dany had been built up since early on. But it was rushed. I feel the previous series should've been 10 episodes instead of 7 to properly build it up more then come into the last series with them all feature length to give more time to show the effects of things.

O well its done. Onto the spin offs.



01 May 2019 15:43:19
I think it fair to start talking about the Game of Thrones episode, if you haven't seen it yet I suggest you stop reading.

THEY ALL DIE!!! (This didn't happen but count this as your warning if you are still reading and wanting to avoid spoilers!!).

So I re-watched this episode last night, with the brightness turned up! And it cast the episode in a whole new light. Overall the episode was enjoyable and I think it looked brilliant however there were some disappointments to say the least.
Starting with the dothraki, I personally have no issue with them being dealt with so easily. It showed the task the living had on their hands and also showed that this wasn’t going to come down to who fights the best. This was purely a numbers game now and the dead were ahead on that front.
The fire moat around winterfell annoyed me, I get that Dany couldn’t see the signal but Jon was just sat there. He had a massive fire starter and just thought nothing of it. However the dead sacrificing themselves to build a bridge was great.
Bran, what was he doing??? Literally in the biggest battle and just disappears into some crows. I couldn’t care about his character but he must be important to the overall story.
The deaths or lack of! Yes the ones that died were great characters but the night king was built as a huge threat yet conveniently the biggest characters all survived? It was like they didn’t dare pull the trigger. I am guessing it is more to do with the final three episodes, but why make a big deal of Jon’s parentage? They should have shown that tension on the battle field, i.e. Dany toying with the idea of leaving him for dead because he is now a threat. Sam should be dead, he is a terrible fighter yet made it out alive. It was all set for Brienne to die but refused to pull the trigger.
But my biggest disappointment wasn’t the tactics, this wasn’t a standard battle where you could outwit your opponent like a game of chess. It was the dragons, Jon and dany spent the episode re-enacting Aladdin! The wights biggest weakness is fire, so let’s just sit back with two dragons and fly around in circles waiting for the night king!
I hope the next three episodes show that the decisions made sense, and they don’t cop out with major character deaths. Would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on the episode and their theories for the final three episodes. One of mine is that Bran is the lord of light and he goes back to engineer certain circumstances for the story. I.e. ensuring that melisandre goes to winterfell.


{Ed001's Note - did you not think the bit in the crypt was the stupidest bit of writing ever? I mean everyone knows they were fighting the dead, so why would you hide with the dead?}

1.) 01 May 2019 16:15:58
I think from the characters point of view they may have been unsure of the nights kings abilities and not sure where else they could have gone. but again one of them (big characters) in the crypt should of died, they had no fighters and no where to go!

Although that was a missed opportunity, could of had sansa having to kill a stark wight to save tyrion.

{Ed001's Note - surely characters like Jon Snow, having seen what happens, would know better? It just seemed like lazy writing to me, like the whole series.}

2.) 01 May 2019 21:17:19
Given that the wight they caught last season couldn't even get out a wooden box perhaps they thought the stone tombs would be a bit too strong for them, but seriously it was very dumb

The episode was certainly epic with some great cinematography and the way the piano score came in and the sound was dulled while they built up to the night king walking to bran and the eventual demise of theon was brillant

However firstly battle tactics, its not a standard battle but really? Charge you cavalry of 20,000 into the dark against what you know is an army of 100,000s of thousands. Put your catapults in front of the trench, only have one trench, wait to light of it up. Seemed illogical to me.

Character deaths: a lot of characters I liked but yeah none of the biggies, I think arya should of died in the process of killing the night king, if it had to be her that took him out. I would of had him pull his sword out about to kill bran then arya jumps at him showing the dagger so he turns and skewers her with the sword, but behind her back she was hiding the spear she had made so as he turned to and stabbed her she had snuck the spear under his armour with the other hand.

I always thought that even though it was heavily foreshadowed arya would kill him it always felt like more of jons fight and his character arc, at the very least it woold of been good to see him take the night king one on one.

I suppose cersei is now the final 'villain' but I agree there is still a twist to come to see who will get the iron throne, ifeel like dany could take a dark turn before the end

At the start of the season my fan fiction idea was that the night king would be revealed as o me of our current characters like Jon somehow, then he would roll over everyone and the last shot would be kings landing in darkness and ice dragons over head then the night king on the iron throne,, hazed mist covering the floor the camera walks up to the throne pans up, low angle shot and the night king looks into the camera

However from a more realistic take I woudl of had jon take out the night king as he has always been about ghe fight against the dead , arya take out cersei as she got ned killed and is top of her kill list and Jamie take out dany as she loses the plot and comes full circle from king slayer of her father to queen slayer, stomping the second targeryan era




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12 Aug 2019 15:12:08
I've been keeping an eye out for when that was due out, didn't do a very good job though as I didn't see it had been released. I will have to give it a try, anything around the batman characters and I will give it a try. I'm looking forward to the joker movie too


{Ed001's Note - it's been good so far but early days as I have only seen the first 2 episodes.}



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04 Jul 2019 12:13:32
Cheers for these lists ed! Shows how much the genre is struggling though with the majority of these being from 90's 00's.

Only fools is my personal favorite, mainly because i grew watching the repeats every Sunday. But I have never known a show that can make you change emotions so quickly, from genuine heartfelt moments, (where they were stuck in the lift) to laughing seconds later.

Two pints definitely won't age well. And would probably come across as incredibly sexist now!

And fawlty towers is just iconic, but i hope no one tries to replicate any of the above of reboot them. These should be left well alone!




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16 May 2019 21:08:17
They have definitely rushed the final series, and could of easily made it to ten episodes, but I think the last episode will tie up a lot.

GOT has been brilliant and is definitely something that will be high up in tv history.

I’d also say it’s felt quick compared to the first seasons as they could be slow and build up characters etc, now we know the end is near (at least for this story) it will feel like it’s motoring to the end.

I just hope we see a few missing characters in the final episode like yara and I hope bran is the way he is for a reason and doesn’t just plateau. If he does he will surely go down as one of the more disappointing characters.




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16 May 2019 21:02:36
Glad someone else enjoyed it, I’m sick of seeing people moaning about it. 500,000 signing a petition because it’s not what they wanted? They should go and watch peppa pig!

Completely accept people may not like the final series as it is going at a rapid rate but to ask for it to be re-written, is just a joke imo.

Sorry cm94 just ranted on the back of your post!

The battle between the mountain and the hound plus Qyburns death was my personal highlight of the episode.




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15 May 2019 12:08:16
SPOILER WARNING, although if you haven't watched it yet, get a wiggle on!

I think I am in the minority who enjoyed the recent episode,
Varys got caught being Varys and earned a memorable death (there is definitely more to this too, Varys was being quick because he had to be. I think Tryrion got a warning from Bran in epsiode 2 about how crazy dany was and passed this info on)
Dany went full mad queen which has been teased for a few series
Jon no longer knows what to do

Genuinely wasn't sure if Arya would survive at one point
Cersei's death was good although I get why people are annoyed with it.
Qyburn's death was brilliant.
Euron got what was coming to him
And we got the fight between the hound and the mountain.
GOT is like no other series, some characters arcs get completed while others die before their time.

Would I have done a few things differently, definitely. I would of had Cersei getting killed rather then being led down a dark alley. And probably had a bit more politics thrown into the series with a few additional episodes.
But this was never going to please everyone, when these things have such huge fandoms the fans tend to create better story lines then the writers.





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