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31 Mar 2021 05:53:51
Just watched a documentary called Seaspiracy and it's very hard to watch but very imformative.

Some serious, serious problems in the Oceans beyond microplastics and pollution.

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18 Mar 2021 22:03:19
For anyone that has three years to spare, ok slight exaggeration, i'd give the snyder cut a watch. Its chalk and cheese compared to the butcher job of the previous attempt.

Its not perfect but you can see what Snyder was trying to achieve, characters actually get a back story rather than 15 seconds of cctv footage. And the story actually makes sense!

If we got this first time round I think it'd kick-start what DC were trying to do. Instead not enough will watch this to probably get a Justice League 2.

{Ed001's Note - if you go to the cinema to see it you need a colostomy bag to watch it all, it's about 4 hours long isn't it? I wonder if any of them will have an intermission, like you used to have when we were kids, midway through?}

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19 Mar 2021 07:47:09
Sorry ed001 realised I had posted this to the wrong page, wasn't thinking straight after sitting through that!

But yeah 4 hours long although not sure if they are dropping it in cinemas, its on sky for anyone that does want to give it a go.

And intermissions may have been a thing for you ed001 but slightly out of my age range that one 😂

I thought the film had finished but there was an epilogue which would of set up where Snyder envisaged the DC universe going.

Hopefully we can wipe the JW version from existence. However, him coming in to put a movie together when the film had been shot can't have been easy.

{Ed001's Note - I only remember intermissions happening once, when Return of the Jedi came out. Me dad took me to see it and it was all 3 Star Wars films, one after the other, with an intermission between each one.}

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24 Mar 2021 12:40:07
I watched it over two sittings, I really enjoyed it to be honest. done how it should of been done.

It gave a more time to get to understand the characters whoch I thought was good.

Worth a watch for sure.

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27 Feb 2021 21:59:19
Still watching wandavision ed001? what's your opinion of it.

Personally I'm hooked and will be re-watching all of it this week before the finale.

I'm usually one that would rather watch a series over a couple of days and binge it. But watching this weekly has me hooked on reading the many theories and I think its worked for marvel as people have kept talking about it. Rather then it being done in a few sittings, getting all the answers and then moving on to the next show.

Maybe the weekly installment of shows isn't quite dead yet!

{Ed001's Note - still watching but I find the theories more entertaining than the show, to be honest.}

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01 Mar 2021 11:58:21
Ive not wathced it, can you give me an idea how its played out and said theories?

I started but found the first episode very strange and not my bag at all.

Cheers. Mat.

{Ed001's Note - it is really not possible to tell you the story without spoiling it for you. It needs to be watched and there are many, many theories that go with that, but again you would ruin the show. It did get better after the first episode though.}

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01 Mar 2021 19:51:46
Ok ill give it another go mate.

{Ed001's Note - it is one of those shows I think you have to try and stick with it. You might still struggle with it, like I am, but you might find you love it when it starts introducing the storyline.}

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02 Mar 2021 07:16:06
The first couple of eps are mainly a tribute to classic sitcoms. But for how long the episodes are i'd stick with it until at least ep4 and see how you feel about it.

But as ed001 said we can't go into the theories as it'll spoil the plot for you.

If you do rewatch it to the most recent episode I will say this, good luck getting a soundbite out of your head.

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04 Feb 2021 10:34:50
Ed001, just to let you know Season 5 of the Expanse has finished.
The series has been cancelled beyond Season 6 on Amazon though. So it looks like Season 6 will be the last, for now at least.

{Ed001's Note - I have been waiting for it to finish so I could binge it. Such a shame it has been cancelled though. Far too much dross on TV and yet the good stuff never seems to run for long.}

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04 Feb 2021 19:45:31
Without revealing any Season 5 or book spoilers.

So far, each season has been based on one of the 9 books released, so I can't see them cramming 3 books into 1 season. At least I hope they don't.

Book 6 has an ending to it which you could end the show on, with an option to carry it on at a later date. The reason for this is because Book 7 starts 30 years after Book 6.

So it may be that Season 7 comes in 5 or even 10 years time, to allow the cast to age. Which is apparently genuinely being talked about from the creators.

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02 Feb 2021 14:01:59
Hello all.

I recently wathced Defenders on Netflix as I was bored.

I had watched Daredevil and Punisher and enjoyed them but just didn't fancy Defenders, Luke Cage, Iron fist or Jessica Jones. Having watched defenders i am know on Luke cage and to be fair its pretty good.

I have to give it to the team who put all these together as all different in their own way but also similar to keep them altogether for defenders.

I'll stop rambling on, they are all worth a watch any way!

{Ed001's Note - they are good, it is a shame the Disney takeover of all the Marvel stuff put these on the backburner for a while. Hopefully they will return to them, at least Punisher, which was the best of the imo.}

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03 Feb 2021 11:12:45
I agree ED, Punisher was really good great casting for sure. I actually watched Daredevil first and got the Punisher bug from that, also Electra was proper tidy. lol.

Nearly done Luke Cage first season and enjoying it.

I don't suppose you caught first episode of Resident alien did you?

{Ed001's Note - I haven't seen that yet, is it any good? I had marked it as something to look at in the app I use to track TV shows, but not had a chance to look for it yet.}

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03 Feb 2021 13:26:23
I thought it was good, some really funny parts and some good lines. Only first episode so we will see. Better than wandavision anyway, that's terrible.

{Ed001's Note - the last episode of Wandavision was better, but the first 3 were not good at all. I may be biased as Kat Dennings was in it though.}

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15 Jan 2021 16:06:02
Watched wandavison yet ed001? Its a throwback to the sitcoms of the 50's but apparently has big links to the MCU, dr strange in particular. Looks like it may be opening up links for the Xmen to get involved too!

I just wished they released it all at once!

{Ed001's Note - not yet mate, I recorded it but not had a chance to watch yet. Looking forward to it though.}

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18 Jan 2021 10:11:02
Im going to give it a go this evening.

I will report back! lol.

{Ed001's Note - I still haven't had a chance as I thought I would first have a look at The Wire, as so many people on here have raved about it. Only watched a few episodes so far but not sure what is so special about it. Its alright like, but people were telling me it was the best TV show ever and it is certainly not so far.}

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19 Jan 2021 08:57:51
Ive not seen the wire so cannot comment mate, I did try Wandavision last night and to be brutally honest I found it odd and not my cup of tea even though I love the Marvel stuff.

It would be good to get other opinions on it.

{Ed001's Note - I finally watched the first 2 episodes last night after this chat and I was also not really impressed. It was just a bit meh. It didn't seem to hit any kind of target, it wasn't funny, it wasn't exciting, it wasn't scary or intriguing. Just meh. I will give it at least the season to win me over though as there is clearly more to it than simply being a homage to old comedies.}

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19 Jan 2021 22:55:39
I think that’s the thing with WandaVision there is so much intrigue for where it goes but I did enjoy it. That could also be because it’s the first bit of marvel content for about 18 months!

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29 Jan 2021 10:52:30
You still watching this ed001? ep4 kicks the story on about 10 steps in 20 mins.

I was curious at the beginning but marvel have done it again with this imo. Brilliant and very intrigued to see where this goes.

{Ed001's Note - I have ep4 recorded but not yet watched. I am glad it is kicking it on though as I was beginning to lose the will to live watching the first 3 episodes. It was intriguing but not enjoyable and the episodes are so short they did not really do much in terms of storyline.}

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08 Jan 2021 12:26:38
Hi Guy's just finished watching Ted Lasso, quite funny and based around Premier League Football. Sounds like there will be 2 more season's.

{Ed001's Note - it is very good, I didn't realise there were more planned though, that is good news.}

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15 Jan 2021 16:07:58
Brilliant show, shame its on apple TV otherwise this would get a lot higher viewership imo.
Interested to see where they take it as the American getting confused at English football and culture may get tired.

{Ed001's Note - I never knew it was on Apple. I was wondering why so few people had seen it.}

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03 Jan 2021 14:29:59
Ed, you seen Cobra Kai season 3 is out? I've kicked it's ass already lol!

Really enjoyed it yet again.

{Ed001's Note - I was just thinking about starting it now, as I am getting bored watching Newcastle and Leicester players throw themselves to the ground screaming and looking for a free kick every time anyone tackles them cleanly. Is it as good as the first 2 seasons?}

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03 Jan 2021 14:43:13
I reckon so mate. Let me know what you think I'm just watching that game now lol.

{Ed001's Note - in that case I am going to start it now.}

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03 Jan 2021 16:45:57
Thoughts Ed?

{Ed001's Note - so far really enjoying it. They do it very well on a very limited budget. It does mean some bits are clearly done on the cheap, but it never takes away from the story. Nice to get a bit more back story on the original characters too, especially Kreese.}

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03 Jan 2021 16:54:52
Yes defo. I agree with everything you said there, great casting now and just shows how good it was back then.

{Ed001's Note - it is brilliant they got all the original actors back to do it. The nostalgia helps make it even better.}

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03 Jan 2021 17:22:43
Enjoy it Ed. Happy new year by the way. Good talking to you as always. Let's hope TV is good this year 🙏.

{Ed001's Note - looks to be some good stuff coming up, Marvel shows and the like, though it is a shame that Mando is done until next year at least it is because they are doing the Book of Boba Fett first.}

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03 Jan 2021 21:57:04
Ok you are right, it is as good, maybe even better, than the first two, but what a way to end it! Yes I ended up bingeing the whole thing while writing an article. Such a good show, never going to win any awards or anything but it is so damn watchable.

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04 Jan 2021 00:42:46
Proper good show, glad you had the same opinion as me.

Since you mentioned it. Mandolorian was pretty dam. good aswell. Mint ending. Enough said.

This is the way.

{Ed001's Note - the only problem with these shows is that they end.}

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06 Dec 2020 21:00:02
The Expanse is returning for season 5 on December 15th on Amazon.

Looks like war with the Belters.

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07 Dec 2020 09:44:36
December 16th*

Ed001, are you looking forward to it?

{Ed001's Note - I am mate. Need something now Warrior is finished. }

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22 Dec 2020 14:34:55
Interestingly it's coming out in blocks of 3 episodes every wednesday, that's both annoying and pleasing at the same time. Annoying as I can't binge it all at once when my insomnia is rearing its ugly head. Pleasing because it will last longer and I won't be itching for Season 6 the day after Season 5 was released lol.

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03 Jan 2021 21:57:47
I am still waiting for all of this to come out so i can watch it in one go. Otherwise i end up forgetting what has happened the previous episode.

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15 Oct 2020 09:56:29
Dexter is back! just announced this morning Micheal C Hall returning (he wouldn`t come back unless the script was good let's hope they can fix the shambles that is the ending for that series.

If anyone likes a bit of violence and humour and some odd superhero powers Umbrella academy is worth a watch.

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04 Sep 2020 16:00:56
If anyone is interested you must watched raised by wolves.

Ridley Scott to a T.

I can see it being very very good.

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29 Aug 2020 15:32:10
Finally watched Cobra Kai. Its really good, has the 80's vibe.

I didn't think I was going to like it but wow what a show. If you like the movies back in the day then you will love it.

Never admit deafeat!

{Ed001's Note - it is better than the films I think.}

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30 Aug 2020 11:37:07
It's very retro which I like, loved the movies way back when so it's refreshing to see they have not ruined it Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I think they have enhanced the movies with the way they are giving you Johnny's perspective on what happened. It has put a whole new light on everything. It is surprisingly great.}

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04 Sep 2020 15:59:59
Watched it all now, can't wait for season 3, right cliffhanger on the end of season 2.

{Ed001's Note - I wish they would hurry up! Still The Boys is out now so there is something to watch for sure.}

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17 Sep 2020 09:59:03
Billy Butcher is the MAN!

{Ed001's Note - so good! And Mandolorian is back soon as well. It is a good time for TV at the moment.}

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18 Sep 2020 09:32:43
Yes Ed, Watched the trailer yesterday looks absolutely brilliant, I thought Mandolorian was brill, really well done.

You seen Raised by Wolves yet?

{Ed001's Note - not yet mate, I read the blurb about it and it didn't sound that good. Was I wrong about that?}

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18 Sep 2020 10:13:22
It's very Ridley Scott put it that way, I have watched the first two and it I like it, visuals are awesome that's for sure. I will let you know mate.

{Ed001's Note - I am not sure that is a good thing. Recently his stuff has been awful, that sequel to Blade Runner was the most boring thing I have ever fallen asleep during. I even went and sat on the toilet to edit the sites on my phone half way through out of boredom. Dreadful film.}

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15 Jun 2020 17:57:34
Anyone watch the remake of Lost in Space?

Every episode of Season 2 is just a competition to see who can survive the most ridiculous scenario. These people should have died 50 times over.

I mean these people can't even walk along a beach without some kind of explosion or disaster happening.

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03 Jun 2020 18:46:16
Anyone watching Gangs of London? I have been really impressed by that. Very good action sequences in particular.

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05 Jun 2020 14:23:02
I have mate, finished it. really good, Sean the main man grew on me, i really thought he was a bit of a weasel first few episodes.

All in all a good show though, do you think they will do another?

{Ed001's Note - I hope so, it was a very good show.}

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17 May 2020 23:14:04
The last Dance - great documentary about serial winner Johnson and the Chicago Bulls. Love it

Born winner - wish Arsenal had some.

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16 Apr 2020 12:17:25
Has anyone seen the feature length episode of Red Dwarf that aired recently?

It was quite funny in parts, but very cringey in others. If you're a fan of Red Dwarf then you should probably still watch it, but does seem to have lost it's magic a little.

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31 Mar 2020 16:13:45
Has anyone or is anyone watching Ozark?

I think i'm enjoying it but not sure, its a little Ray Donovan mixed with Breaking bad esque!

i will continue and let you know. lol.

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19 Apr 2020 10:57:56
Just yo let you know, I've done all three seasons.

Wow, what a show.

It's a must watch.

{Ed001's Note - really? I watched a bit and got bored, never went back to it. What is it actually about?}

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20 Apr 2020 11:02:57
Difficult to explain but its a family guy who gets caught up in laundering money for a drug cartel. the proverbial hits the fan again and again. the casting is great and Bateman, Laura Linney and Julia Garner are superb.

Murder, deceit, drug lords, mobs, love and suspense - it has it all.

Takes a few episodes to get going but I could not get enough of it.

Defo worth a watch.

{Ed001's Note - doesn't really sound like my type of thing to be honest.}

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17 May 2020 23:11:53
Found series one very very very slow - is two or three better.

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19 May 2020 14:29:02
It is slow, veryuch breaking has esqe but far better. Keep watchin is all I can say.

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14 Mar 2020 22:46:24
Ed, so did you find time to watch the defiant ones?

Just watch Wolf of Wallstreet and the big short - just awesome. Why Leonardo didn't get an Oscar 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

{Ed001's Note - I completely forgot. Did you enjoy Wolf of Wall Street? DiCaprio was good I agree, but I found the film itself tedious apart from one scene.}

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15 Mar 2020 15:10:48
Loved it Ed. I’m a capitalist. I think the hero worshiping, how they celebrated and had zero morals was interesting. Thought it was funny and a brilliant film. Leonardo was just amazing and the “true” story somewhat unbelievable. A film I would put in my top 10 if isolated for covid 19

Big short - great acting, great story, Steve was awesome and I loved the topic of the film.

{Ed001's Note - I just found it utter nonsense and complete cack. The guy was a thief, not a capitalist. That is not capitalism, it is fraud.}

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15 Mar 2020 15:13:12
I’m about to watch The Expanse - is if that sucks, given you don’t like W of W plus your choice of football teams - we might be done!

{Ed001's Note - I am not sure if I should be keeping my fingers crossed you don't like it or do....}

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07 Apr 2020 06:50:41
I'm so glad I've heard someone else say that Ed I agree it's utter rubbish that scene on the boat in the storm what a load of sh1t
I've sort of gone off Hollywood films I much prefer Korean or Japanese films.

{Ed001's Note - it was just a guy's fantasy retelling of his life to pretend it was better (and he was better) than the reality. I would put money on the fact he was a lonely man with no actual friends and it is much easier to hide behind a story like that than it is to admit he was miserable. You don't do that amount of drugs if you are happy with your life, you use them to avoid dealing with life.

I can understand that, a lot of Hollywood films now just use big budget effects and big name stars to hide the fact the scripts are terrible.}

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07 Apr 2020 13:50:25
Agree Ed no one really acts anymore it's all fancy camera angles and cgi

That's why I like Asian films you tend to get to know the characters better.

{Ed001's Note - they don't have the budget so have to act usually.}

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03 Mar 2020 11:54:32
Just got done watching the entire 4 seasons of The Expanse again.

Ed001, did you finish Season 4 in the end? What did you think?

{Ed001's Note - just finished it and loved it. It is a fantastic show. It deserves a much wider audience.}

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04 Mar 2020 10:09:59
hi guys, never watched or seen anything on it. what's it all about?


{Ed001's Note - it is sci-fi. Basically the main theme of the show is the friction between those still living on earth and those who have grown up on Mars and those who are from colonies elsewhere (Belters). That is in essence what it is about, though there are other stories running through it. It is basically about the Belters being the oppressed minority caught in between Mars and Earth's animosity. While it is fiction, they have tried to keep very close to scientific accuracy, while not letting that destroy the tale.

I highly recommend it.}

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05 Mar 2020 14:22:20
Thanks mate, I'll give it a go.

{Ed001's Note - I hope you enjoy it too.}

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08 Mar 2020 14:01:55
It is utterly brilliant northernbeasle. It's one of the few Sci-fi shows that actually takes the "sci" in Sci-fi seriously but not to the point that it's boring.

Star Trek it is not, so I wouldn't walk in expecting anything like that. However, I do see this show as a technology bridge between present day and Star Trek. In the Expanse they don't use warp drives, laser beams or anything that's scientifically out of reach. They still use current weaponary like guns and nukes, except they have the addition of rail guns and Nuclear fusion.

There is one major problem with this show though, and that's some of the acting is a bit cringe. However, it doesn't take away from the story or the shows quality.

And by the way, the CGI is some of the most impressive I've seen in a TV show, especially given the budget they had for the first 3 series.

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04 Feb 2020 09:56:23
Hello all.

Has anyone been watching Messiah on Netflix ?

I think its interesting and really enjoying it.

{Ed001's Note - yeah actually, just seen the first few episodes and it is intriguing.}

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04 Feb 2020 10:04:12
I wasn't to sure at first but the more I watch the more I like it, good casting as well. I've just watched "the trial" which was the best one yet.

Keep watching Ed !!

{Ed001's Note - I intend to mate. I have just watched ep 3, so that is next I think. It is one of those shows that draws you in.}

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07 Feb 2020 09:15:16
Morning Ed, I have watched some more episodes now and what a show, really powerful !!

I'm not religious at all but the whole Messiah thing has got me hooked. one scene when there in DC is goose bumps !!!

hope you still enjoying it mate !!

{Ed001's Note - I haven't had a chance to see any more since, but I am looking forward to getting to see the next one.}

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05 Mar 2020 14:22:49
You watched the rest of it Ed?

{Ed001's Note - I have got to DC now and past the bit I think must have hooked you. Not quite finished yet but near the end. It is really good so far, though I don't know how they can end it without it being an anticlimax!}

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05 Mar 2020 15:46:54
I'll talk to you when you have finished about that! Enjoy Ed.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate.}

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